I write regularly for Reverb.com.

Sometimes that means a column, where I can have fun covering all manner of subjects that whirl in and around vintage and modern guitars.

Other times, it’s a deeper dive for a longform take on a big subject, and you’ll find me rummaging around all kinds of guitaristic subjects.

Also, I’ve been raiding my archive of interviews that I’ve conducted over the decades for a series called Bacon’s Archive. I’m turning up quite a lot of full, unpublished transcripts that shed new light on musicians and music industry people.

There’s a complete index of my columns, features, and interviews at the Reverb site, which you can find here. There’s also a separate index at Reverb of my Bacon’s Archive interviews, here.  

Alternatively, you can take a wander below, and if something takes your fancy, click or tap on the link and you’ll be whisked off for what I hope turns out to be some pleasurable time spent reading.


Chet Atkins … Interview from 1995. Click here to read the Q&A.

Jeff Beck … Interviewed in 2005. Click here to read the feature.

British Guitar Embargo: When Brits Were Banned from Buying American … How import restrictions stopped most UK guitarists buying new American guitars. Click here to read it all.

Burns: The Classic British Guitar Brand … From Roding Valley to Black Bison. Click here to read about the real thing.

Dick Burke … Interviewed in 1993 about his time at Rickenbacker. Click here to read the Q&A.

Geezer Butler … Interview from 1992. Click here for the feature.

Ray Butts … Interviewed in 1995 about Gretsch pickups and more. Click here to read the Q&A.

Bill Carson … Interview from 1992 about his time at Fender. Click here for the feature.

Collectables: What Will Be the Collectable Guitars of the Future? …That’s the question I put to a team of guitarists, dealers, writers, and auctioneers. Click here to find out what they said.

Controls: 6 Offbeat Vintage Guitar Control Systems … From a Godwin Guitar-organ to B.C.Rich’s Bich. Click here for full knob access.

Pete Cornish … Interviewed in 1982 about pedalboards. Click here to find out more.

Dan Armstrong: A Clear, Concise History Of Ampeg See-Throughs … Story of the early clear-plastic electric. Click here for transparency.

Danelectro 6-string Bass: The UB-2 Makes Its 50s Debut … Was it a bass? Was it a guitar? Click here for the upbeat lowdown.

Duane Eddy … Interview from 1995. Click here for some twangy Q&A.

Fender Bass: Did Leo Fender Really Invent the Electric Bass? Well no, not really. Check out the rest of the story. Click here to read the column.

Fender Jaguar: How The Jaguar Became Fender’s New Model For 1962 … The birth of the high-end Fender. Click here to read the column.

Fender Jazzmaster: Californians Go High-End … How to live comfortably in the shadow of the Strat and Tele. Click here for illumination.

Fender Rosewood Telecaster: The Story Behind George Harrison’s Rosewood Tele … George used it on the roof, but how come he had one? Click here and read up on the history.

Fender Signature Guitars: The Story Of The Brand’s Artist Models … Click here for my take on early scribbles from God Clapton, James Burton, and Yngwie Malmsteen. 

Robert Fripp … Interview from 1991. Click here for the feature.

George Fullerton … Interviewed in 1992 about the early days of Fender. Click here to read the feature.

Future Shock: 6 Guitars That Tried To Predict The Future—And (Mostly) Failed … Gibson’s Ultratone of the 40s, the Micro-Frets Orbiter, Veleno guitars, and more. Click here and all will be revealed. 

Peter Gabriel … Interviewed in 1989. So, click here for the Q&A.

Gibson & B.B. King I try to work out how many Lucilles B.B. King actually played. Spoiler alert: I don’t know, exactly. Click here to see where I ended up.

Gibson ES Artist: When Gibson Put Moog Preamps In Guitars. It must have seemed like one way to counter the synth revolution. Click here for more.

Gibson Les Paul: The First Comeback … Story of the ’68 relaunch of Goldtop and Custom, with input from Les himself and Gibson personnel. Click here for more.

Gibson Les Paul: How Many Bursts Did Gibson Really Make? … A romp through what’s left of Gibson’s records to attempt an answer. Click right here to join in the exercise.

Gibson Les Paul: Why Do Collectors Pay So Much for Bursts? … Valuable investment, overpriced bauble, or simply a great guitar? Click here to find out.

Gibson 335—Eric Clapton: The Enduring Mystery Of The Albert Hall Guitar … Did EC really acquire it while in The Yardbirds, or years later? Click here and test the arguments. 

Gibson Explorer: Birth of the Futuristic Vision … How this angular guitar came to be. Click here for its early-days story.

Gibson Flying V: A Failed Modernist Experiment? … How the safe, predictable Gibson company designed and produced the most radical guitar of the 50s. Click here to read my thoughts on the matter.

Gibson Hendrix Strat: Yes, you read that correctly … A shortlived plan that soon disappeared. Click here to see if the world has gone mad.

Gibson Oddities: 6 Questionable Guitar Choices From the Brand’s Storied Past … Six weird ‘uns from Gibson history. Click here for uncensored fun.

Gibson SG—Eric Clapton: The Story Behind EC’s “The Fool” Standard … How, when, and why did God switch to an SG? Click here for a foolish frolic. 

Gretsch Country Gentleman: 5 Things You Probably Don’t Know About The Gent … Or maybe had forgotten. Click here to remind yourself.

Gretsch Revived: How A Brand Came Back from the Brink … Click here for the return of Gretsch in 1989.

Guitar Magazines: A History, From S.S. Stewart’s to She Shreds … The origins and development of guitar mags in print and online. Click here for the front-page news.

Guitar Trends 2010s: Electric Tales That Shaped the Decade … Tracing the echoes—some fading, some growing yet—of 2010s guitar culture. Click here to enjoy some time travel.

Ibanez JEM—Steve Vai: How Steve’s Superstrat Reinvented The Signature Guitar … A longform look at the origins of an important 80s guitar. Click here for a handle on the story.

Seth Lover … Interviewed in 1992 about Gibson pickups and more. Click here to read the humbucking truth.

Phil Lynott … Interview from 1981. Click here for a live and dangerous feature.

Paul McCartney … interview from 1994. Click here to find out how this Beatle reinvented bass playing.

Ted McCarty … Interviewed in 1992 about his time as Gibson president. Click here for some six-string tales.

Mellotron: “The Sounds of Life” At Your Fingers … The origins of the proto sampler keyboard. Click here and read a tape-playing story.

New Year’s Resolutions: Setting Your Goals Using Bacon’s Archives … Click here to have nine kindly artists help you plan for the coming months.

Orange Amps: A Conversation with Founder Cliff Cooper … Colourful amplifiers from a shop in London to international success. Click here for a graphic story.

Jimmy Page … Interview from 2014. Click here for sessions days, Yardbirds, early Zep, and more.

Jaco Pastorius … Interviewed in 1976. Click here for some fretless Q&A.

Les Paul … Interviewed several times between 1989 and 2009. Click here to read a carefully compiled Q&A.

Tom Petty … Interviewed in 2009. Click here for some 12-string tales.

Robert Plant … Interview from 1988. Click here to hear some vocal stories.

Don Randall … Interviewed in 1992 about his time as sales boss at Fender. Click here for the feature.

Rickenbacker—John Lennon: How He Ended Up In An Ad For A Guitar He Only Played Briefly … Lennon and his Rose-Morris Rickenbacker model 1996. Click here to read all about it.

Rickenbacker—Roger McGuinn: Chasing the Byrds Frontman’s Flock of Ricks … Click here to find out how Roger put the jingle-jangle in folk-rock.

Selmer Shop: The London Store Where Clapton, Page, & Beck Bought Guitars … It was the place to go in the 60s for a good guitar, or just to hang out. Click here to make sense of your A-to-Z.

Sgt Pepper—The Making Of … Interviews in 1987 with George Martin, Geoff Emerick, and Ken Townsend. Click here for a splendid time.

Dan Smith … Interviewed in 1992 about his time at Fender. Click here for an insider’s view of a significant revival.

Unusual Electrics: The Thinking Behind 5 Guitar Oddities … Non-standard stuff from National, Dean, Fender, Gibson, and Malinoski. Click here to live a little wilder.

Eddie Van Halen & The Wolfgang Saga: How 3 Brands Built Eddie’s Signature Guitar … How Music Man, Peavey, and Fender/EVH refined Van Halen’s personal instrument. Click here for the longform story.

Tina Weymouth … Interview from 1988. Click here to hear from Talking Heads’ low-lying expert.

Forrest White … Interviewed in 1992 about his time running the Fender factory. Click here to visit a location of international importance.

Woodstock Guitars: A Guide To The ’69 Festival’s Iconic Axes … 50th-birthday detail on the guitars that survived the mud. Click here for a drug-free experience.