Making Music, June 1986

I write books about guitars, about music, and about musicians.

I also publish books on those subjects by other authors. I’m a co-founder of Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press.

You can find out about my books elsewhere on the site here and about some of my other writing, too. It’s just like a website, really.

Here’s a brief timeline as I’m sure you’ll feel better orientated once you know what I did when.
• International Musician magazine … staff: feature writer, 1976–77
• Sound International magazine … staff: deputy editor, then editor, 1978–81
• Freelance (NME, Melody Maker, Electronics & Music Maker, etc), 1982
• One Two Testing magazine … staff: assistant editor, 1983–85
• Making Music magazine … staff: assistant editor, then associate editor, 1986–91
• Freelance, 1991–current
• Balafon, Backbeat UK, Jawbone book publisher … co-owner, 1991–current

And if you look here you’ll find an interview I did with Guitar International magazine a few years ago that gives away some more about stuff I’ve done.