One Two Testing, December 1984

I write about guitars, about other instruments and gear, about musicians, about recording, and the results turn up in online features, magazine pieces, and books—I co-founded Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press.

You can find out about my online and magazine writing up the top there at ARTICLES, and also, just to the right a bit, about my BOOKS. Mind how you go.

So get to it! Have a look around. Make a cup of coffee. Put some music on.

Just before you do, though, here’s a brief timeline, as I’m sure you’ll feel so much better once you know what I did when.

• International Musician magazine, 1976–77 — I was on the staff as feature writer. 

• Sound International magazine, 1978–81 — On the staff, as deputy editor and then editor.

• Freelance writer, 1982 (NME, Melody Maker, Electronics & Music Maker, and others).

• One Two Testing magazine, 1983–85 — Again a staff member, as assistant editor.

• Making Music magazine, 1986–91 — On the staff as assistant editor and then associate editor. 

• Balafon, Backbeat UK, Jawbone, book publishing — I’ve been a co-owner of these imprints since 1991, and most of my books were released through Backbeat.

• Freelance writer and editor, since 1991.

You really want more? Well OK, if you look here you’ll find an interview that Guitar International magazine did with me, quite a few years ago, and it reveals a few additional nuggets about some of the stuff I’ve done.