Making Music, June 1986

I write about guitars, about musicians, and about recording, and the results turn up in books, online features, and magazine pieces.

You can find out about my online and magazine writing here, and also about my books—I’m a co-founder of Backbeat UK and Jawbone Press. Go on! Have a look around.

Meanwhile, here’s a brief timeline, as I’m sure you’ll feel so much better once you know what I did when.

• International Musician magazine 1976–77 … staff: feature writer. 
• Sound International magazine 1978–81 … staff: deputy editor, then editor.
• Freelance 1982 (NME, Melody Maker, Electronics & Music Maker, etc).
• One Two Testing magazine 1983–85 … staff: assistant editor.
• Making Music magazine 1986–91 … staff: assistant editor, then associate editor. 
• Freelance, 1991–current.
• Balafon, Backbeat UK, Jawbone book publisher … co-owner, 1991–current.

And if you look here you’ll find an interview I did with Guitar International magazine that reveals a little more about some of the stuff I’ve done.